Midwest Laser, Inc. follows a specific check-list for our in-house testing, which includes:

Visual inspection of packaging and labeling: We look at package quality and accuracy of information as well as lot / barcode information.

Visual inspection of cartridge: We look for apparent leaks, blemishes, damages, etc.

Seal tape test: We make sure seal tapes are functioning properly and can be pulled with no problems.

Printer recognition test: Each cartridge is installed in a printer to make sure cartridge is recognized.

Print quality testing: We use a number of test patterns to inspect overall print quality, density, color, text, etc.

Testing process: We look for fusing issues, abnormal banding or streaks, backgrounding, ghosting, and other potential issues that could lead to defectives.

Full yield test: We will also run a full yield test on cartridges to ensure the cartridge can print up to the stated yields.

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